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My go-to morning workout to fix my posture and be healthy
    • Thursday, July 5th 2018
    • 5 minutes read

As noted in my remote working article sitting for silly amounts of time can lead to some bad posture habits. Most developers I've worked with tend to disregard their personal well-being, championing having worrisome amounts of coffee or energy drinks, eating unhealthy and snubbing any form of exercise.

Things can get out of hand very fast, and before you know it becoming a shell of a man is your reality.

Dedicating a time slot to do the minimum possible is essential. Here's what I do each morning.


  • 2 glasses of water

    Rehydrating after a period of inactivity is essential but also a great headstart for the day. Limiting any other intake and doing cardio before breakfast is good for burning any extra fat. During bulking, retaining muscle mass is critical so grab some snack, ignore the cardio and do the rest of the workout. I prefer lean bulking so it doesn't really matter to me.

  • No contact lenses or glasses

    Neighbours with blurred silhouettes === no shame. In all honesty, jumping out of bed, drinking some water and hitting the mat is much better than contemplating about it in the bathroom. Chances are that you'll also check the phone, swift focus and probably leave the workout for some other time.

  • Partial nudity



  • Jump rope - 100x (If no rope, just pretend it's there and move your hands like a penguin)
  • Jumping jacks - 30x
  • Side squats - 20x

I do this bit for three sets. At this point you better be sure I'm awake.


Mat time.

  • Planks - 1 min
  • W-extensions - 20x
  • Prone reverse fly - 20x
  • Arch up - 20x
  • Bridge - 1 min

Some solid work on the shoulders and lower back.

The ones without links can be seen here or here.


  • Using a ball - Essentially this workout

    • Crunches - 40x
    • Crunch hold - 1 min
    • Cross crunches - 40x each
    • Reverse crunches - 40x
    • Planks - 1 min (No reason to not do planks again)
    • Back extensions - 40x
  • Crunches with raised legs - 40x (Fairly easy, just don't overdo it and shift focus to the back)
  • Leg raises - 20x (Probably dead at this point, so dropping to 20x)
  • Side crunches - 40x each (or Side planks)

If I hit the gym the same day, I'll probably do the second part there and add Knee Ups using a pull-up bar.

Some power pumping

  • Three sets of 50x push-ups

General Stretching

  • Starting with some face-pulls. No weights - just the movement.
  • Doing a bit of Standing wall lean for three sets of 1 min
  • Then most of these. Whichever I can remember at the time.
  • And some of these.

Then couple jumps and some light neck stretching. Done!

Possible Extensions

So far I only use a mat and an exercise ball. But getting any of the following can open up some excellent options.

  • Pull up bar
  • Foam roller
  • Ab wheel
  • Dumbbells

My pick would be a foam roller which is versatile enough and not an overkill for some light home exercise.

Moving on

With all being said and done, the whole thing probably took about 20 minutes. Honestly, I've never timed it.

Take care of business and then proceed to breakfast.

I almost always make a mix of:

  • 2 ripe bananas
  • 2 eggs (4 if feeling adventurous)
  • 100ml egg whites (From carton, don't waste eggs)
  • A bit of homemade granola; recipe taken from Mindful Chef
  • Some almond or peanut butter
  • Some pea protein powder

Mash and stir in the pan for some minutes, eat, clean it up and then take a 5 min walk. Upon re-entering the house, I treat it as arriving at work. My shift starts.

What's the alternative? Coffee and 30 minutes of social networks, Reddit or Medium. I reserve this for hangover days.

Rest of the day

  • After 1.30h later I'll have an orange or a tea. Depends on mood.
  • 1.30h later - I'll have lunch which is usually prepared from the weekend - or I'll quickly throw a chicken breast in the oven.
  • 1.30h later - I'll have other option of orange and tea or go for a completely different fruit.
  • 1 hour before the workout I'll make some oatmeal with berries and such. Whatever works really. Not into adding more synthetic stuff except from the post-workout.
  • 1 scoop of Sci-MX Leancore after the workout. Not going overboard with it.
  • A 2% yogurt before sleep. Full fat if bulking, maybe some oat almond milk if the time is right.

If gaining weight I'll probably add another meal before the late night yogurt, and add more to the pre-workout snack.


Want more ideas? Check Darebee for some nice workout plans.

Next, YouTube channels I check in order to update my routine are:

Thanks for reading!  ❤️
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