What I'm working on - February/March 2018

Checking where all of my commits went
    • Friday, March 9th 2018
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February seems to be a month of changes for me. This one finds me on the job hunt for a remote position.

Thankfully, I made the most out of it, since I found the time to do some projects.

CSS Maid

An ex-colleague of mine and I, had this talk about how to structure the css code we were working on. I never liked the idea of ordering my css alphabetically. Consider the following snippet:

.. {
  display: flex;
  border: 1px solid tomato;
  background: #efefef60;
  align-items: center;
  justify-content: start;
  ... animation: whatever 2s forwards;

If I sort everything alphabetically, align-items will end up first, while display will be somewhere in the middle. It's a bit unpleasant to read to be honest.

What my colleague suggested, was to sort them by type. That's an interesting approach, but will definitely have some overhead at first. Consequently I made this little formatter in order to automate the process for a bit.

Why is it pink? Because it's fabulous.

Give it a go!

Nord Wave

I started tweaking my favourite theme, in order to make the sidebar items provide more feedback. It was really hard to distinguish the active file from the rest, so I wanted to apply some opacity at first.

In the end, I kept the syntax but did some massive changes to the rest of it.

Siemor (VS Code + Hyper)

VS Code


Couple days later I made another one, but this time from scratch.

Siemor theme [desktop]

Seems pretty good. Needs couple of tweaks but so far I'm happy.

I used Coolors & Sass Color Generator in order to get the colors right.

There's also the Hyper terminal counterpart. It was pretty easy to port.

Siemor theme [terminal]

Happy React Switch

Testing the waters on how one would develop a simple React plugin.

Isolating the CSS seems to be the real challenge, that is if you don't want to add some extra dev dependecies for the user.

Cool beans; will probably revisit it sometime, since making a UI Library has been in my mind for a long time.

Codewars Challenges

Took some time to really get a feel of ES6, and what better way to go wild with it than Codewars.

It's also a nice preperation for couple code golf interview questions.

My Blog

Well I did some tweaks I wanted for some time like:

  • Rewrote many CSS parts
  • Finally added the 'On Medium' ribbon
  • Included a simple filter for blog posts (Coding vs Misc)
  • Updated the syntax hightlighting of snippets
  • Updated the snippets' area css - taking full width
  • Fixed some scroll issues - still needs some work
  • Added a hook for deployment on Netlify - preparing migration

Still needs to be done:

  • Include Comments Yep, done
  • Include Share Options Wut, wut
  • Do something with these bullets, I just noticed them, they are horrible Actually I've grown to like them


Quick and dirty implementation, so I won't have to bother much while trying to watch UFC again.


Jumping on the bandwagon and posting some dotfiles I use. Still trying to figure out how to include the brew one.

Interview Project 1

Simple Vue.js interface I made as part of an job interview. It was a nice change to write Vue after so much React code. Pretty happy with it.

Interview Project 2

I was supposed to make a simple view for a tree generation algorithm. Webpack 4 was released so I had to try it, thus I made it in React.

Where to now

Actually, I'll stick with updating my blog for a bit, while waiting out for any remote position that catches my eye.

As I see it right now, I would like to:

Any Books?

Actually I completed

and I'm currently reading

Thanks for reading!  ❤️
Next up: "Favourite music albums of 2017"
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