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Looking back at the workshops in Warsaw, Wroclaw & Thessaloniki
  • Friday, June 15th 2018
  • 8 minutes read

On April and June, I had the chance to hit the road with Tim, Chris and host some workshops as part of CodeEurope & DEVit.

It was a fantastic experience, where I had the chance to have some first-hand experience with users trying out

Thankfully I believe we did some solid work. People loved the workshops, got their free kits and we left with some awesome feedback.

Workshop setup

The basic idea behind the workshops was for the attendees to:

  1. Get familiar with the hardware
  2. Write some code
  3. Push it to the device using
  4. Tinker the code
  5. Realize how effortless code updates get
  6. Explore the rest of the features

In the meantime, we stay alert to help everyone and pen down anything that's confusing. Quite often people would come with suggestions themselves, which is great.

The hardware people had available was:

That's 64 RGB LEDs for whatever crazy idea comes to mind. In our case, we demonstrate a simple snake game. I plan on expanding it sometime in the near future, so feel free to fork it.


As part of the CodeEurope, Tim also gave two great speeches about multistage builds in docker.

We firstly visited Warsaw where the conference was being held in the freaking National stadium. To put that in perspective, the workshops were held in the VIP rooms. Here we go, first time repping these colors - aaaaaand everything when smoothly. Lot's of enthusiasm, in a workshop where attendees did a phenomenal job.

I also had the chance to make some time for The Future IoT: Building Better Legos by Scott Jenson. The gist of it can be found in this Medium article.

After couple of days we travelled to Wroclaw where the venue was equally spectacular. The workshop had about the same attendance as the one in Warsaw, and we collected some great feedback. I've also had the change to collect another jazz hands photo of mine, which decorates my Github profile.

To sum up, Poland is a beautiful country with really tech savvy-people (and a disturbing amount of H&M stores). It was a great experience and CodeEurope feels like it belongs to the top-notch conferences across Europe. Looking forward to taking part in the next one and why not, maybe even have a speech too.


This time the trip was much shorter and my luggage didn't have a single long sleeve shirt. Good call. The workshop initially sold out, but thankfully we made room for couple more people.

The result of it was overwhelmingly positive. People loved it. Next day we run a booth amidst some great talks. Unfortunately, I only got to see Reliving the ‘80s with Borland Turbo-C: A test case for Atomic Design by Amit Zur. The good news though is that we got our hands full with lots of questions from people visiting our booth.

Side-note: A dear friend of mine, was attending the workshops but passed ours. Good choice Jim. Where's your Raspberry Pi, loser? 💩💩💩💩

Where to now

The beach. Then Barcelona. Then somewhere cozy.

For the time being, we have quite a lot of content to process and shape the next versions of

What I would like to do in the meantime is:

  • Build some fancy projects for Raspberry Pi - with or without Sense hat. Probably using OpenCV.
  • Write more articles (to ease the next point)
  • Consider some topics for a talk

Next up: "Working with images in Gatsby"
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