Some of my favourite articles

Articles about self-improvement, productivity & others, that I revisit often

For now, enjoy this fine mess. Planning to include summaries soon..

Escape from the matrix

Mediocre ideas, showing up, and persistence

The Difference Between Amateurs and Professionals

How to Create a Chain Reaction of Good Habits,

To Come Up with a Good Idea, Start by Imagining the Worst Idea Possible

The More We Limit Ourselves, the More Resourceful We Become

Sisu: How to Develop Mental Toughness in the Face of Adversity

To Make Big Gains, Avoid Tiny Losses

1,000 True Fans

Give it five minutes

The presence prison

Why we choose profit

The Power of Anti-Goals

GitHub stars won’t pay your rent

Don’t Shave That Yak!

Ode: How to tell a great story

Be an extreme character

No “yes.” Either “HELL YEAH!” or “no.”

Time is personal. Your year changes when your life ch

Ideas are just a multiplier of execution

Never wait.

When in doubt, try the difference

Start Before You’re Ready

Why we are hard-wired to worry, and what we can do to calm down

Why More Knowledge Won't Make You More Successful

This Is What It’s Like To Not Own A Smartphone In 2018

How to negotiate anything–from people who have done it

How to Reverse Aging and Become Whoever You Want to Be

How I Actually Finished My 19-Month Side Project

The Perks of Being a Weirdo

To Create a Habit, Tell a Good Story

How Cyril the Swan became the UK’s most notorious mascot