What I'm doing these days
  • 😬 Building my father's website

    Long way to go, since I suck at SEO optimization. I use Gatsby, TailwindCSS with some premade components from TailwindUI, HeadlessUI & Netlify for deployments/forms.

  • 🤓 Reading books

    Finished The Three-Body Problem, and reading the next one The Dark Forest. I also read Short Stories in Spanish for Beginners, to keep up with Spanish now that my classes are over.

  • 🤔 Learning Go

    I have distanced myself from the back-end, and it pains me since I had solid experience in Python & PHP. Dabbled with Rails for a bit, but my girlfriend works with Go, so I decided to give it a try. Here's a quick overview of the syntax.

  • 🥲 Trying to finish a couple of blog posts

    • Authentication with magic links in Next.js
    • Back to basics with Redux Toolkit
    • Adding a GraphQL server in Next.js with Nexus
  • 😰 Working on some side-projects

    Most of my blog content comes from testing stuff in throwaway side-projects. I'm playing around with Prisma, Next.js (+ API routes), NextAuth, Typescript, React-Query, & PostgreSQL. I feel this is the most enjoyable stack for small to mid sized projects.

Essentially anything to distract me from the whole pandemic situation.

Updated: 2020/05/01