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I'm Dimitrios, a software developer based in Athens

Some years ago I applied for a junior Android developer position. When I arrived for the interview, I was told that there was a more pressing front-end vacancy to interview for. Little did I know, I said “Yeah, sure” and this is how my JavaScript journey began.

Fast forward to today, I've worked in both startups and software houses, building and maintaining complex applications. I've gained experience in various stacks, although I'm most involved with React & TypeScript.

Most specifically, I prefer to work on the back-end of the front-end. Writing application business logic, optimizing performance, as well as planning and maintaining the application architecture. I also enjoy working on component libraries, and occasionally building that odd landing page.

tl;dr: I move pixels, use flavor-of-the-month tools, say “depends” all the time.

You can find me working with React, TypeScript, Next.js, Remix, Effect and lately Ruby on Rails
Other stuff I'm doing or checking right now:
  • 📘 Reading "Exhalation"
  • 👨‍🎨 Preparing a new design for this website
  • 🧪 Studying Elixir
  • ♟️ Blundering in Chess