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Cover image of 'Improving component's re-render performance'
July / React

Improving component's re-render performance

Making components re-render faster by pre-computing our data

Cover image of 'How I interview people'
April / Soft Skills

How I interview people

And how I want to be interviewed

Cover image of 'Modern PHP'
March / PHP

Modern PHP

While I wasn't paying attention, PHP got quite good

Featured on Hacker News
Cover image of 'Nominal types in TypeScript'
March / TypeScript

Nominal types in TypeScript

Improving our type-safety with fine-grained types

Cover image of 'Crypto & the fear of missing out'
February / Crypto

Crypto & the fear of missing out

You can go on without me

Cover image of 'The state of this blog'
December / Coding

The state of this blog

Some history and thoughts on a possible migration

Updated: February 2022
Cover image of 'Working remotely'
October / Productivity

Working remotely

Reflecting on remote work, the good and the bad things

Cover image of 'When not to use React Query'
October / React

When not to use React Query

Or when component level fetching becomes problematic

Needs Update
Cover image of 'All company chat should be in public'
September / Productivity

All company chat should be in public

How to make remote work a lot better, with a bit of an effort

Cover image of 'Ditching manual releases with Changesets'
September / Coding

Ditching manual releases with Changesets

Hassle free versioning & changelog management with Changesets

Cover image of 'How I load my web fonts in Gatsby'
January / Front-end

How I load my web fonts in Gatsby

Preloading self-hosted web fonts, for greater performance

Cover image of 'Working with images in Gatsby'
December / React

Working with images in Gatsby

Utilizing the latest, more flexible, and straightforward API

Updated: March 2021
Cover image of 'What is a Front-end Developer anyway?'
September / Front-end

What is a Front-end Developer anyway?

JavaScript has shaken things up and we refuse to acknowledge it

Cover image of 'Separating server cache & application state with React Query'
April / React

Separating server cache & application state with React Query

UI state, ephemeral data & React Query

Updated: April 2021
Cover image of 'When to use optimistic updates in your application'
March / UX

When to use optimistic updates in your application

Reduce the number of spinners in your application by utilizing optimistic updates

Cover image of 'Following the hype in web development'
September / Coding

Following the hype in web development

The new things, the right things, and developer entertainment

Cover image of 'My quest for digital minimalism II'
June / Self-improvement

My quest for digital minimalism II

Taking proper action against distractions & procrastination

Cover image of 'When to quit & when to stick'
May / Books

When to quit & when to stick

My takeaways after reading 'The Dip' by Seth Godin

Cover image of 'Avoiding props drilling with Context'
May / React

Avoiding props drilling with Context

Sensible state management with Context & Hooks

Cover image of 'Setting up Pi-hole'
April / Projects

Setting up Pi-hole

Blocking all ads in my local network

Cover image of 'The impostor syndrome'
April / Self-improvement

The impostor syndrome

The irrational fear of being exposed as a fraud

Cover image of 'My quest for digital minimalism'
February / Self-improvement

My quest for digital minimalism

Decluttering my digital life from all the nonsense