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My Stack

All the tools that I use everyday, as well as the services I'm paying for

I like boring and predictable. I try to use as much vanilla software as possible. If something is not mentioned, assume I use the Apple or Google equivalent product
Updated: 2024/01/16


  • ⚛️ React
    My front-end framework for the last years. I'm also considering a pivot to Solid though for personal projects
  • 👩🏻‍🏫 TypeScript
    I like typed languages, and it makes my life a bit easier by screaming at me
  • 💿 Remix
    SSR for React. Easy to grasp mental modal, nice DX and built by people I really admire
  • 🌊 TailwindCSS
    I've tried everything and this is the true way for me. Predictable bundle-size, no naming headaches, and rapid prototyping
  • 📦 Others
    Not my focus right now, but sometimes: Next.js, Effect-TS, RxJS, Laravel, AdonisJs


  • 💻 MacBook Pro 14 (2023)
    Holy hell, the transition from a butterfly era MacBook to this one is massive.
  • 🖥️ Dell U2719DC
    Great 27 inch monitor, charging my Macbook as well
  • 🖱️ MX Master 3
    A pretty good mouse really. Combined with BetterTouchTools to make side buttons useful
  • ⌨️ Poker 3 (main)
    Mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX brown switches, for when my wife works with me
  • ⌨️ Leopold FC750R (alt)
    Mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX blue switches, for when my wife is away
  • 🎧 Plantronics Blackwire 3225
    Just a budget headset with a fantastic microphone
  • 🎧 AirPods Pro
    Commuting, gym, bbqing & stuff
  • 🎒 Fjallraven High Coast Foldsack 24
    No complains, still want to buy something else


  • 📝 VS Code
    Can't use NeoVim, I'm sorry. Using `Tokyo Night` theme and IBM Plex Mono
  • 🧮 Iterm2
    Simple, reliable. No AI features, no account needed
  • 🔑 1Password
    Reliable password manager. Nothing fancy
  • 📚 Bear Notes
    Storing all my notes. Just a better Apple Notes, as I can write Markdown
  • 🎨 GitHub Desktop
    Simple GUI. Used to use SourceTree but I prefer the less cluttered UI
  • 🍺 Homebrew
    The unofficial macOS package manager that updates everything when you don't need it
  • 🐘 DBngin
    Making local database management a bit easier
  • 🎛️ BetterTouchTools
    Customization options for macOS. I'm also evaluating `Mac Mouse Fix` as I don't use most of BTT features


  • 📝 GitPod
    Development environment in the cloud. Love how smooth it is. Compared to GitHub Codespaces, it is miles ahead. Unfortunately Copilot isn't available unless you SSH to desktop VSCode
  • 🤖 GitHub Copilot
    Writes my tests, lets be honest
  • ✈️ Netlify
    Deploying all my websites. Also using its DNS offerring. Next.js kind of sucks to deploy on Netlify, so I'm debating which to ditch.
  • 💸 Namecheap
    Buying my domains, and parking them forever. Have heard good things about `PorkBun` though, so I consider moving there as Namecheap UI is clunky
  • 📨 FastMail
    My email service for using custom domains
  • 📦 Google One
    Calendar, Drive, etc
  • 🐝 Splitbee
    Simple analytics saas, but aquired by Vercel, so looking for an alternative (or dropping analytics altogether)